My Milestone

Every month I celebrate Chubs and her various milestones, but every month marks one for me too.

From the day she was born I have breastfed her every single day. In the beginning it was difficult and sometimes painful but then it became routine and comforting for both of us. Now she’s on the move, independent and already wilful, it’s the peaceful times of our day. The time when I get my tiny baby back. To snuggle her close and feel her heartbeat, her little hands clutching at me, holding me tight. 20130603-234140.jpgThe day we brought her home

In the beginning I found feeding quite stressful. There had been no question but that I was going to do it. I hadn’t bought bottles or formula – what was the point? – I was a breastfeeder. Unfortunately Chubs had a tongue tie and a pretty but ineffective heart-shaped tongue. This meant that she wasn’t able to latch as effectively and lost quite a bit of weight in the first few days of life. 20130603-234817.jpgShe lost her lovely chubby cheeks

We were referred to the maxillofacial department at the hospital and at 3 weeks old the tongue tie was divided in a very quick and easy procedure. After that, feeding became easy, something we were meant to do. We fitted together so well, her little body curved round me.

We still had issues. I had an oversupply of milk and a ferocious let down. At least once a day Chubs would be massively sick, copious amounts of milky vomit would get everywhere, streaming from her nose and cascading to the floor. But she put on weight well and started to sleep in good chunks so I tried not to worry about it and just made sure I always had plenty of clean clothes and muslins handy! 20130604-100924.jpgmilk drunk

After about 4 months the sickness stopped and the number of feeds dropped from around 10-12 to 8. This made things so much easier. Instead of feeding every couple of hours I might get a 4 hour break! We co-slept most nights and I would doze off feeling her latched on and wake a few hours later to see her tucked up close to me, rosebud lips pursed and occasionally sucking her tongue reflexively. 20130604-101949.jpgBlue eyes watching me

At 6 months we started introducing solids and gradually, almost imperceptibly the feeds started dropping. The more food she ate and water she drank, the less of me she needed.

20130604-102725.jpgdozing off

Now Chubs is 9 months old and my dreaded return to work is edging ever closer we have introduced a bottle of formula overnight but I still feed her 3 times a day. I am proud to be one of the around 20% of women still breastfeeding at 9 months ( and I’m hoping to continue for at least the next three months as I know I’m not ready to stop yet, never mind the baby!

20130604-114654.jpgfeeding last week

20130604-114801.jpgal fresco feeding

9 months old

Dear Chubs,

It seems like only yesterday I was writing the last post to you. How are you getting so big so quickly?

I think this has possibly been my most favourite month yet. You are so much fun. I can’t believe how much you have learned in the last month.

It’s been a busy time for us, this month has seen us take our first family holiday to Brittany, where you had your first trip to the beach, played with the sand and paddled your toes in the chilly sea.

20130602-231839.jpg Whilst we were away you learned to blow raspberries and it is the cutest, funniest thing I have ever seen. You know it makes me laugh and do it when I’m trying to tell you off. I can’t keep a straight face!

20130602-232213.jpg You can also clap and wave now and love to do it randomly to strangers in the supermarket as well as when we say goodbye.

You have more teeth now too, not the ones I was expecting, but the ones next door. Three beautiful pearly whites and one just cut through. Having teeth is proving most enjoyable to you – you love to bite things. Me, muslins, food, newspaper, anything you can get your hands on still goes into your mouth for a swift chomp.

The Very Best Thing about this month is that you have finally learned to crawl! I am so proud of you I could burst. Finally my tiny baby is on the move. You are loving your new found ability, and delight in chasing after the puppy to play with his toys. Which is fair enough as he’s normally stolen one of yours! You have also started to grab onto things and pull yourself up to standing, which I’m not too impressed with. Baby one thing at a time please, you’re just too little for standing up yet!

Your fine motor skills are improving every day and your pincer grip is fantastic. Cheerios, peas, raisins, blueberries, the tinier the better as far as you’re concerned. You love the challenge of picking up the smallest crumb on your tray and putting it into your mouth. I could watch you all day. The concentration on your face is priceless.

20130603-050438.jpg As I said, it’s been a busy month for you and you now sleep in your own room, in your big girl cot. You have been really good during the transition. We had a few rubbish nights but now I think you enjoy the extra space.

20130603-051023.jpg Without wanting to jinx anything, you are doing so well without us disturbing you and I manage to get a nice chunk of sleep now. When you do wake for a feed overnight you now have it by bottle. Another transition you took in your stride. I still breastfeed you during the day but I’m due to go back to work in a weeks time and Daddy will be on nighttime duty and there are some things daddies just can’t do!!

All too soon you will be taking those first unsteady steps on your own, shouting your first word and celebrating your first birthday. It’s going scarily speedily now and I am cherishing those moments when you fall asleep on my chest and nuzzle your face into my neck. I adore you baby girl and I always will.


Messy Play!

As the weather was so nice this week I decided we’d do some messy play outside. It was definitely a good plan, I’m not sure I would have trusted Chubs with this one inside!

20130601-160623.jpg This time we played with jelly and squirty cream! As she’s still little and puts everything in her mouth, anything we use has to be edible or at least non-toxic. I made up some jelly the night before and after lunch plonked Chubs down on the mat and splodged the jelly and a load of cream down in front of her. I also gave her a bowl and spoon and one of her stacking cups, which I also put jelly and cream inside.





20130601-161247.jpg She’s really got the hang of it now and loves squishing and squashing the different things she’s given. She especially enjoyed ‘windscreen wipering’ the jelly mix and sweeping it from one side to the other. Great for messy play times, not so good at meal times!

Of course Winston wanted to get in on the act too…



20130601-161854.jpg This was a fab, easy and cheap sensory activity to do. It does require a little more forward planning as the jelly needs time to set, but it only takes minutes to make the night before.




20130601-212729.jpg Surprisingly it was really easy to clean up, a bit of hot water and it all melted away down the sink. (No I didn’t just let the two of them eat it all!) It’s certainly something we’ll do again, think of all those jelly flavours we have to try, plus most of a can of squirty cream!


Messy Play

Chubs and the Art of Movement

My daughter is a ninja.

This has become obvious over the past couple days, as she has started moving. Not crawling, not bum shuffling, not cruising, but still, moving. I don’t know how she’s doing it, but I’ll put her down somewhere and 10 minutes later she’s 6 foot away!

20130530-215518.jpg See in this picture? She was by my foot, but next time I looked up she was there! It’s most obvious in the bath, she’ll do lengths to the plug and back and I’m still not sure how she does it.

20130530-215835.jpg She starts off here…

20130530-215940.jpg …and ends up here! Clever sausage.

I think the movement is going to become more obvious soon, she is pulling herself up to standing and this evening actually pushed herself away and stood on her own, just for a second.

Someone come and push the ninja baby over and remind her, she’s still my tiny girl.

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Photos of the Week

So, last week I decided to start sharing my favourite pictures of the week. This week is quite baby/puppy heavy I’m afraid, but they’re just too darn cute!

20130530-214245.jpg Possibly my most favourite photo ever

20130530-214357.jpg Puppy in a basket

20130530-214735.jpg I love this flamingo print dress from Matalan

20130530-214849.jpg Storm clouds

20130530-214938.jpg And finally, Chubs’ 37 week photo

I need to try and take pictures of others things next week I think!

Now head on over to see Kelly and see what baby Tia has been up to this week!

Ping it Back

I’ve been using cloth nappies on Chubs since she was 6 days old and, understandably, some of the ‘preloved’ nappies I bought are starting to crack under the strain. I have 7 BumGenius birth to potty pocket nappies that especially are in need of some TLC. The leg elastic has gone and so they won’t fit round Chubs’ podgy thighs without leaving a lovely big gapey bit, just right for some nice leaks.

Luckily, replacing leg elastic on a pocket nappy isn’t too hard. Pockets are the easiest kind to replace as you turn them inside out so all the messy bits are hidden away.

20130527-023815.jpg Here you can see the elastic I replaced on the left compared to the old elastic on the right. Such a difference!

So, turn your pocket inside out and find the end of your leg seam – sometimes you can see the very end of the elastic poking out where it’s caught in the stitching.

Snip through the seam and rip it open a little way so you can easily get to the elastic (1-2cm is enough). Do this for all four ends.

20130527-024201.jpg Cut one end of the elastic and attach your new length of elastic to it with either a couple of stitches or a small safety pin. The other end of the new elastic you need to sew to where you’ve cut the old elastic. (I used 4.5 inches of 6mm elastic)

20130527-024455.jpg Then carefully pull the elastic through the hole, cut off the old elastic and stitch the new one in its place.

20130527-094005.jpg Here you can see the difference between the old and new elastic. Quite a difference!

20130527-092247.jpg Then all you need to do is turn it back the right way and go over the seams that you’ve opened, either with sewing machine or by hand. Then ta-dah! Good as new!

20130527-094618.jpg You can also replace the back elastic in the same manner. Ours will need doing, but now Chubs is weaning its a lot easier to ‘contain!’ So don’t throw out your old nappies, simply replace the elastic and get years more use out of them!

My Photos of the Week

I love a good Silent Sunday, I love picking out my favourite picture of the week, tinkering with it, playing with different filters and effects in my apps. (always looking for recommendations for new ones though please!) Having a baby and a new puppy, however, means I’m taking so many pictures its hard to pick just one! I’ve decided to start a weekly picture collection of the ones I like the most. Of course I’ll still be saving my most favourite for Sunday!

So, without further ado, here is my first Photos of the Week.

20130524-201235.jpg Soothing a poorly baby in a wrap

20130524-202015.jpg Puppy cuddles

20130524-202047.jpg Our current favourite book

20130524-202133.jpg Inspired by My Two Mums, having a bubbly bath!

20130524-203210.jpg Chubs and Winston

I’ve always taken a photo of Chubs every week to watch her change and I’m looking forward to sharing that here too. Here’s this weeks…